Sergio Cilli

Sergio is a director, performer, and Emmy award winning writer living in Los Angeles.


Cord & Tish (Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon)
Amazon Prime Rose Parade
Google Gnome
Tom Brady – Under Armour
Prius Prime – Censorship
Prius Prime – Gaming
FIAT – Backseat Italians
Wendy’s New Chicken Sandwich
Adam Devine in Soft Sticks
Chevy Small Talk
Ram Van – Stakeout
Craft Services – Pringles
Zac Efron Can’t Stop Taking Selfies
Ram Van – Icing On the Cake
Ram Van – Bundle
Ram Van – Endless Turn
Walgreens – Gift For Mom
Scion w/ Paul Scheer
Walgreens – Like Children
Vanity Fair – Matthew Gray Gubler
Fuze Iced Tea
Fuze Iced Tea w/ Mr. T
Marriott – Go The Direct Route
Marriott – How To Land A Job
SAMSUNG – Behind the Virals
FORD – Millennial Integration
FORD – Vertical Monetization
FORD – Integral Synergy
AT&T – Backseat Comedian
FIAT – When In Rome
FIAT – Spanking
FIAT – Gluten Free
FIAT – Express Lane To Trouble
FIAT – Italian Neighbors Teaser
FIAT – New Neighbors
COKE ZERO – A Christmas Sweaters Carol
CORONA LIGHT – Unpredictabeer
KFC – Growing Up and Getting Out
Growing Up and Getting Out: Ep.3